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  • 4th Flr, Gibcon Hse, Kenyatta Ave, 20100 Nakuru Town
  • +(254) 720 008671

Tracom College endeavours to meet the following goals of the National Education through the different programmes it offers in Business, Legal, Health and Applied Sciences and Information and Communications Technology courses:

National Unity: Education in Kenya must foster a sense of national hood to promote national unity.

National Development: Education should meet the economic and social needs for national growth and community development.

Individual Development and Self-Fulfillment: Education should provide opportunities for the complete learning and development to build on individual talent skills and personality.

Social Equity: Education should promote social equality and foster a sense of social responsibility therefore promoting peace, cohesion and tolerance through education that provides equal education opportunities for all.

Respect and Culture: to create a conscious society that respects our cultural heritage and diversity; therefore positive attitudes towards patriotism and individuals from other regions.

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